The Art of Powerful Conversations

In August 2023 I was a speaker at the Melbourne Edutech conference and delivered this 50-minute seminar titled “The Art of Powerful Conversations: Practical skills for enhancing school leadership, collaboration and culture”.  We deliver the Powerful Conversations Program for public service and corporate teams as well as schools, so no matter where you work this video will be relevant.

Leadership is about creating a vision of a desired future and mobilizing others to co-create that future together. Conversations are the primary vehicle for generating new possibilities, building relationships, creating shared meaning and gaining commitment to action. The Art of Powerful Conversations methodology goes beyond theory and high-level concepts to offer learnable distinctions and practical skills that empower educational leaders to enhance performance and build a culture of wellbeing in which people thrive.

In this seminar you will:

  • Engage with framework for understanding the conversational nature of leadership and collaboration to reveal new leadership actions.
  • Explore how shifting ‘way of being’ or ‘leadership presence’ is critical to more effective leadership and collaboration and thus to improving educational outcomes.
  • Engage in practical exercises that will give you a new perspective on an area of leadership or school function you want to improve – and identify new possible actions.
  • Experience the Art of Powerful Conversations methodology.
  • Decide if you would like a further conversation to explore the value of transforming your school leadership with the Art of Powerful Conversations method.