Courageous conversations: giving and receiving feedback

Take the tension out of feedback, so you can finally get to what matters

Suitable for: All staff
Duration: Half-day workshop

Your situation

Few of us genuinely look forward to feedback. Whether it’s a yearly performance review, or a job just done, most of us get anxious as the moment approaches. There’s a lot at stake, whatever side of the conversation you’re on.

When you’re giving feedback, you may worry about damaging the relationship: What if they take it the wrong way?

When you’re on the receiving end of feedback, self-worth is at stake. Am I good at my job? Is my position in the team secure?

When feedback is emotional loaded, we tread carefully. We shy away from hard conversations. In this environment, suspicion, resentment or disregard takes root. Left unaddressed, the problems become entrenched.

Why do so many of us struggle with feedback?

For many people, the reason we feel anxious is not knowing where to start. As managers, and as employees, we’re expected to give feedback, but rarely are we taught an approach that’s clear, effective and respectful.

What you’ll gain

Through this course, you’ll lift the emotional load of feedback. Feedback becomes less personal and more honest. We do that by laying out a feedback framework that your whole team can use. When they share a language of commitments and accountabilities, the mood of the conversation changes. Feedback is more objective and less personal.

You’ll discover freedom to be open. To bring issues forward and be confident you’ll be heard.

Through a half-day workshop, you’ll:

  • Learn a conversation model for accountability
  • Understand the difference between facts and value-judgements
  • Test whether you’re seeing clearly before giving feedback
  • Learn to manage your mood when giving and receiving feedback
  • Learn a powerful interpretation of listening and relating that has people you talk with feel understood and deeply respected

With the tools you’ll gain, you may even find yourself looking forward to conversations that once were hard to face.

What others say

“I’ve gained a lot from the day! I always thought I was a good communicator, but have gained value from the whole day, in particular listening to others and myself… I’d love to learn more in future”

– Angela Mills

What’s included

This workshop is delivered through a combination of:

  • Free initial consultation
  • Workshop presentation
  • Self-reflection exercises
  • Paired discussions
  • Practical exercises

You’ll also gain membership of an online forum: a place to support ongoing learning.