High performing teams don’t just happen

High performing teams are created through conversations and practices that develop clear team priorities, high levels of trust, mutual accountability, and candid and thoughtful dialogue. The conversations that create and maintain high performing teams can be learned.

Leaders are made not born

Leadership is developed by learning specific conversational skills and committing to practices that grow who you are being as a leader. Developing leadership is inescapably a journey of personal growth because leaders always lead from who they are being.

There are learnable structures to leadership

We coach leaders and teams to see and understand the deep structure of human collaboration so that you and your team can generate outstanding results without stress and overwhelm. Leadership, management and collaboration happen in conversation and there is a set of non-discretionary conversational skills. Non-discretionary means you are using them whether or not you are doing so with competence.

Confidence is not a prerequisite to effective leadership

Leaders and managers work with us to develop leadership confidence and competence. They have often been promoted because they are experts in a domain of knowledge. Great teachers are promoted to school Principals. Excellent scientists are asked to lead research teams. Smart graduates are quickly promoted to Executive Leadership positions. You may have great technical competence but if you are not trained in leadership competencies it is not your fault if you struggle to lead effectively and with confidence.

Our experience

Our team has experience delivering executive coaching or leadership development training in organisations including the following.

Hobart City Council Education
The Treasury Murray Darling Basin Authority
National Health and Medical Research Council

Our approach

So much training generates excitement and elevates expectations, only to see people fall back into old patterns.

What’s been missing are practical ways of supporting the implementation of learning and embedding new behaviours.

Our training is not about teaching high-level theoretical concepts that are hard to put into practice. Our training, while based on grounded theory, is about learning practical elements of leadership and collaboration that can be immediately put into action to generate new outcomes. We focus on learning to learn and the continuous development of skills through deliberate and reflective practice so that learning continues long after the workshops are complete.

Reflecting Power courses are hands-on so that real work is done within workshops, include ‘action and implementation’ exercises, and are spaced over multiple weeks to allow time for experimentation and learning on the job.  Access to an online community provides a forum for accountability, sharing successes, and getting help with roadblocks between workshops.

When learning continues into your life and work, the change takes root and is embodied.

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