Leaders are made not born

Leadership happens in conversations, and the quality of your leadership conversations determines your effectiveness as a leader. The good news is that there are fundamental conversational competencies that can be observed, learned, and practised to transform your leadership.

These competencies are as much about managing your own moods, emotions and physiology as they are about your speaking and listening. Deeply grounded in the discourse of ontological coaching, our Powerful Conversations methodology makes the skills of leadership learnable.

Learnable structures to leadership and collaboration

We coach leaders and teams to see and understand the deep structure of human collaboration to generate outstanding results without stress and overwhelm.

Leadership, management and collaboration happen in conversation and there is a set of non-discretionary conversational skills that you must master to be effective.

Developing skills to empower yourself and your team

Leaders and managers work with us to develop leadership confidence and competence. They have often been promoted because they are experts in a knowledge domain. Great teachers have been promoted to school principals, and expert programmers have been promoted to lead development teams.

If you’re not trained in leadership competencies, it is not your fault if you struggle to lead as effectively and confidently as you want. This is where we can help.

Create high-performing teams & exceptional outcomes

High-performing teams are created with powerful conversations and practices that develop clear team priorities, high levels of trust, mutual accountability, capacity management, and candid and thoughtful dialogue.

The conversations that create and maintain high-performing teams have a structure that can be observed and learned.

Using our Powerful Conversations Methodology, leaders can develop high-performing teams that produce extraordinary results and a culture of wellbeing in which people thrive.

Our Approach

Training can generate excitement and elevate expectations, only to see people fall back into old patterns.

What’s missing are practical ways of supporting the implementation of learning and embedding new behaviours. At Reflecting Power, our training is more than teaching high-level theoretical concepts, it’s also about putting that theory into practise, using real-world scenarios.

Through deliberate and reflective practices, individuals and teams can apply the leadership and collaboration skills learnt to generate enhanced outcomes and achieve desired goals. The learning continues long after the sessions are complete.

When learning continues into your life and work, the change takes root and is embodied.

Courses and Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Accelerate your learning to effectively lead and take care of what’s most important to you at work and in life.

We help you develop who you are as a leader, offering you frameworks and distinctions that break down leadership management into discrete, learnable and actionable elements.

We help you develop the confidence and competence to lead high-performing teams that consistently deliver quality results on-time with ‘no surprises’ while taking care of each other’s humanity.

Team Coaching

Create high-performing teams that consistently delivers quality output in a collaborative and harmonious environment.

Our interactive workshops are for leaders and teams who are committed to high performance, and delivering quality work with a shared vision.

We break down real-life situations into learnable and actionable elements.

Learn skills to navigate moods, emotions at work, and manage commitments to consistently deliver results.

Powerful Conversations

Transform yourself and your team to deliver extraordinary outcomes by mastering the skills of Powerful Conversations.

In our flagship program, you’ll learn to distinguish and build key relational and conversational skills that underlie the actions of leadership, management and collaboration.

You and your team will become skilled communicators and astute observers of human relations and experience subtle yet profound changes in daily conversations that generate extraordinary results.

Reflecting Power Proven Results

Proven results to help you and your team achieve exceptional outcomes

Increase efficiencies, effectiveness and cultivate high-performing teams

Unique practical approach to transform leaders and teams in a safe environment

Overcome obstacles, boost confidence and enhance human interaction skills

Manage stress, improve wellbeing and discover the benefits of self-mastery

Discover the power of collaborative conversations and empower leaders

Who We’ve Helped

Our team has decades of experience delivering transformational coaching and leadership development training in the public service, education sector and more.

Before this program if an exec spoke to me I would be doing 7 other things at the same time. This program has made me think about what I am doing and I am now giving that person 100% of my attention. The result is an increase in the feeling of worth by staff as well as increased willingness to engage in important conversations.

Vice Principal, ACT School

I have attended many management training sessions and your leadership training is one of the very few that I believe adds real value. Most other management trainers focus on wishy-washy high-level aspects of management that result in attendees losing interest, and they often struggle to pay attention. Your sessions break-down each component of leadership into small, simple, very practical steps that everybody can identify with. The best aspect of the training is that you engage all of the trainees in a way that is interesting and non-threatening.

Ric Kerr, Executive Level, Large Australian Government Dept

When I initially engaged Ian, my objective was to improve my confidence as the leader of a complex technical team within a large, new, programme of work where I was starting to question my ability. Through a respectful and trusting coaching relationship, Ian has assisted me in developing a level of resourcefulness that enables me to operate confidently and effectively in situations that would previously have caused me to falter. I have developed significantly as a confident leader and am now driving outcomes that I once felt incapable of achieving.

Deanne Duncombe, Senior Manager, Canberra

National Health and Medical Research Council Hobart City Council The Treasury Murray Darling Basin Authority

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