Authentic and lasting change is possible. I’ve seen deep transformation in my own life, and the lives of people I’ve coached. I’ve seen the change that becomes possible when we’re ready to work on ourselves.

When we explore communication, self-confidence and collaboration in the light of who we are, we open up new ground to stand on.
We reach a resourceful, and resilient place, where we can do more and be more.

You achieve much more with someone in your corner. Your direction becomes clear and your sense of choice expands.

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Achieve capability and cohesiveness in your team. Our workshops demonstrate a deeply practical understanding of human communication, and the drivers of personal effectiveness.
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Build resilience and make the most of your people. When your teams share a culture of respect, and concrete promises, it’s easier to deliver exceptional work, even under pressure.
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Our approach

So much training generates excitement and elevates expectations, only to see people fall back into old patterns.

What’s been missing is a way of supporting the content delivered in each session. A way of embedding new behaviours to see them take root.

This is why all Reflecting Power courses include access to an online community. Through this forum, you can find accountability, share successes, and get help with roadblocks.

When learning continues into your life and work, the change takes root.