Executive Coaching

Accelerate learning.  Solve problems. Expand possibilities.

Whether you are already leading a high-performing team or are struggling with leadership roadblocks, coaching can accelerate your learning and ability to see new possibilities for delivering results and a culture of well-being in which people thrive.


  • You’re looking for a clear headspace to pursue your agenda, and to grow as a leader.
  • You’re looking for a sounding board, someone to help you find new ways of thinking about who you are, and what you can do.
  • You need someone in your corner to listen and validate your experience.
  • Someone in your team does not deliver work on time and to standard, and you don’t know what to try next.
  • You are caught up in the urgent and neglecting the strategic work only you can do.
  • You love to learn and grow as a leader and human being.
  • You are working long hours at the cost of your health and family relationships.
  • You are a technical expert who has been promoted to management or leadership and find yourself under-trained and lacking confidence.
  • You are an educator who has been promoted to the school leadership team and now need to learn management and leadership skills.
  • You know you can’t grow your team faster than you grow yourself.
  • Your inbox is out of control.

We work together one-on-one in an environment of trust.  You decide what to address:

“Everyone has inside of him a piece of good news. The good news is that you don’t know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is!”

– Anne Frank

“When I initially engaged Ian, my objective was to improve my confidence as the leader of a complex technical team within a large, new, programme of work where I was starting to question my ability.
Through a respectful and trusting coaching relationship, Ian has assisted me in developing a level of resourcefulness that enables me to operate confidently and effectively in situations that would previously have caused me to falter.
Our coaching conversations have now expanded to focus on other aspects of my leadership and being. Within weeks of our initial conversation, I have developed significantly as a confident leader and am now driving outcomes that I once felt incapable of achieving.”
– D, Senior Manager, Canberra

Some benefits of coaching

Enhance self-awareness: Coaching can help you become more aware of your own beliefs, assumptions, and behaviours, as well as how these shape your perceptions of yourself, others, and the world. This enhanced self-awareness allows can allow you to identify blind spots and areas for growth, and make more intentional choices about how you show up in your work and personal lives.

Improve communication and interpersonal skills: Coaching can help you develop better communication and interpersonal skills, including active listening, empathic understanding, and conflict resolution. With enhanced skills, you can improve team dynamics, enhance collaboration, and foster a more positive and productive work environment.

Goal Setting and Accountability: Coaching can help you set clear goals and develop strategies to achieve them, as well as hold yourself accountable for following through on your commitments. This can lead to improved performance, greater productivity, and a stronger sense of purpose and motivation.

Manage your stress and well-being: Coaching can help you develop strategies to manage stress, enhance well-being, and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Identify what you care about and what you need to do to take care of your cares.

Impact your organisation: Coaching can have a positive impact on your entire organisation by helping you foster a culture of continuous learning and growth, enhance leadership skills at all levels, and improve overall performance and outcomes. Only through self-development can you become more influential in your interactions with others and only through others can you make transformational changes in your organisation and the world.

Advance your Career: Coaching can help you identify and achieve your career goals, whether that involves advancing within their current organization or pursuing new opportunities elsewhere. A coach can help you clarify your values, strengths, and vision for your career, and develop a plan to achieve your goals. Coaching can also help you identify and overcome barriers to career advancement, such as limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome, or lack of confidence.