Six basic moods of life

The six basic moods of life framework a logical and understandable way to understand some common moods. Three are un-resourceful if you get trapped in them and three are resourceful moods usually worth cultivating in the workplace. One feature of this interpretation that makes it particularly useful for the workplace as that while feelings (the felt experience when in a mood or emotion) are private and not the business of your work colleagues, your stories and assessments of the future are highly relevant to the people you work with.  If you assess that what’s happening is unfair and there is nothing you can do about it, your actions are likely to be very different from assessing that while you don’t like how things you accept that they are as they are (putting yourself ‘on the map’ so to speak) and are committed to improving the situation. In the langauge of moods this is the difference between being in resentment and resignation rather than acceptance and ambition.

I invite you to observe the moods and emotions of yourself and the people around you over the next few days.  Which of these six moods do you notice? What other moods do you notice? Which moods do you find to be resourceful and support you to build positive relationships and get important work done?