In this 2 minute video, I show how to add an ‘Edit Message’ button to the Outlook ribbon so that you can quickly and easily edit a received email.

Two places I know of where people find the editing received messages function useful are:

  • When working out of a shared inbox. Notes can be added to the top of emails that are still in action so that your colleagues can know what you have done without having to take the time to go through sent items and without the need for complex filing systems.
  • When delegating tasks to (say) an Executive Assistant. Add a note to the top of the email saying what you want doing (e.g. “Please find me 30 minutes before 4 pm Thursday to meet with Ahmet about this”) , then drag the email to a folder called something like ‘EA to action’. This folder should have the properties set so that you and your EA can see if there are any emails in the folder even if they have been read. (Right-click the folder and select properties to to see the following and select the radio button “Show total number of items”).