Welcome to this page for your videos as we complete the content of your Leadership and Collaboration program prior to our final live session on 3rd November.

Please remember that the suggested practices are not homework.  They are practices designed to embody your learning.  Many of them will be useful for a lifetime. Like getting fit, developing the conversational skills of leadership cannot be crammed!

Video 1: Review of our journey so far + Declarations

0202    Getting Present
0548    Start “looking back review” Conversational nature of leadership
0627    Conversational nature of leadership
0736    Conversations always involve listening, speaking, moods and physiology
0820   Breakdowns (in transparency of the flow of living)
1100     Learning – essential to adaptation
1418     Distinctions of listening
1752     Distinctions of speaking (2024 Linguistic acts)
2300    Moods
2548    Body/physiology
2657    Conversations for Action, the commitment cycle
3009   Reflections on your actions and results since we last met
3204    Declarations4254    Action and Practice
4409    What have you learned today

Video 2: Trust

00:50 getting present
02:31 What have you observed differently?
03:56 Trust
11:05 Action and Practice
13:37 What has been most valuable.

What did you find valuable?  What will you now do? Please share with me via email at  ian@reflectingpower.com.

Video 3: Offering and receiving feedback

This video is just 4 minutes long.