Coaching your team: Ontological coaching in action

Your team need more than just task delegation. They need your mentoring and guidance to bring out their best.

There are plenty of resources that tackle leadership’s strategic and managerial aspects. But when it comes to coaching and mentoring staff, too many leaders are left to their own devices. The few tools you’ve seen so far feel too superficial: they’re all about tips, techniques and tricks.

How can you motivate your team to take ownership of their performance?

You want to get to the heart of how you can achieve results with and through others.

Your situation

Are you facing:

  • Underperforming team members
  • Team members resisting feedback
  • Higher performers who want to get better
  • Team members seeking more holistic feedback; they don’t just want to be better performers at work, they want to be better people

Bringing out the best in your people is like training to be a doctor. Most of us can tell when someone is obviously unwell. Most of us can make common-sense suggestions for staying healthy. But a layman’s understanding isn’t enough to address the full range of conditions, or detect underlying causes.

By studying to be a doctor, you acquire finer distinctions and discernment. In the same way, by training as an ontological coach, you learn the tools to help identify deep-seated beliefs and imbalances and get to the root of the problem.

By training as a coach, you gain a language for communicating what you’re seeing in a way that’s direct yet respectful, and oriented towards a solution.

You gain more ways to do more good.

“A leader is one who knows the way, shows the way, and goes the way.” – John C Adams


What you’ll gain

Through an intensive three-day program, you’ll gain the building blocks of coaching your people. Through this workshop, you’ll:

  • Get to the core of how people think, interact, and find meaning in their lives
  • Transform the way your team relates to one another
  • Discover different modes of learning—as well as common barriers to learning and ways to overcome them
  • Gain a respectful, permission-based pattern for providing feedback
  • Begin to master the interconnection between basic moods, body posture and language
  • Discover who you are as a leader, a communicator and a learner


Become a coach

You may also be starting a career as a coach, or looking to broaden your disciplinary base. This workshop provides a grounding in the ontological coaching method, which Is recognised by the International Coaching Federation.

This course is delivered by the Newfield Institute in association with Reflecting Power, and provides 22.5 hours of training towards certification as a coach with the ICF.


Suitable for:  Leaders, managers and motivated individuals
Duration:  3 day course