Powerful conversations

Create a culture of excellence in your team, your section or your organisation


Your situation

Looking out across your organisation, you see so much potential, hampered by conflict and miscommunication.

Your people are grappling with seemingly intractable behaviour, locked in conflict at a time when it’s never been more critical to work together.

Are your people dealing with:

  • Seismic change: you’re facing a restructure, or upheaval in your environment. How can you energise others and bring them with you?
  • Divisional conflict: your staff have radically different ways of seeing the world, and they’re constantly at odds. How can you harness their abilities to serve the one goal?
  • Performing under pressure: expectations on your people are building mass. There’s little time to rest before the next wave of work comes. How can you instil courage and confidence?

Is there a way to get past resentment and disengagement? A way to step out of a mindset of blame?

Your challenges can be unlocked by getting back to the heart of culture: the ways of being and doing that pervade each team, and make up the culture of your organisation.

Your organisation is more than bricks and mortar, and more than the diagram of a corporate structure. Your organisation is a network of conversations and commitments. Culture emerges from these conversations. It’s in conversations that we create meaning. We manage, encourage, report and agree.

Through this course, your people will gain a new way of understanding human communication that transforms relationships across teams and shifts entrenched cultures.

What you’ll gain

Through a customised series of sessions, your organisation will discover how to:

  • Enhance staff’s ability to influence and negotiate
  • Deliver better work by drawing on all your teams’ insights
  • Break down the ‘us and them’ mentality to reach mutual understanding
  • Develop a culture of personal accountability
  • Build resilience and resourcefulness
  • Enhance emotional intelligence
  • Foster capacity to be flexibility, responsive and resourceful in the face of change.

Delivery approach

This program can be delivered at several levels in your organisation:

  • For one team
  • For one section
  • Across multiple sections wanting to work together
  • Across an organisation that needs to reinvent itself

The core program consists of

  • an introductory two-hour session to present the concepts
  • a 2-day workshop to immerse participants in the learning
  • a follow-up one-day session one month after the workshop to embed the learning.

Each session emphasises respectful, permission-based participation. While there is a place for motivational speaking, we’ve seen more lasting gains when the facilitator creates an open environment. One where people encounter new ways of being that they make their own.

Customisation:  This program can be customised to met your specific goals and delivery needs.

What others say

“I’ve gained a lot from the day! I always thought I was a good communicator, but have gained value from the whole day, in particular listening to others and myself… I’d love to learn more in future”

– Angela Mills

What’s included

This workshop is delivered through a combination of:

  • Free initial consultation
  • Workshop presentation
  • Self-reflection exercises
  • Paired discussions
  • Practical exercises

You’ll also gain membership of an online forum: a place to support ongoing learning.

Several delivery options
Suitable for: all staff