Accelerate your growth.  Access new ways of being.

You’ve achieved a lot by working hard and delivering. Underneath it all,  some weeks, you feel you’re barely coping.  Crises and constant change, tensions between teams… all your energy is spent just getting through the day, then the week.

You’re looking for clear headspace to pursue your agenda, and to grow as a leader.

You’re looking for a sounding board: someone to help you find new ways of thinking about who you are, and the situations that confront you.

You need someone in your corner.

We work together one-on-one in an environment of trust.  Issues that we may explore include:

“Everyone has inside of him a piece of good news. The good news is that you don’t know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is!”

– Anne Frank

Leadership readiness

Your career feels like it’s caught in a holding pattern.  All around you, colleagues are being promoted to leadership, while you’re stuck doing the same work.  You want to step up, and you’re wondering — why do I keep being passed over?

So often, winning promotions is a matter of perception.  Being technically competent isn’t enough. You need others to see that you’re ready to lead.  And to change others’ perception, you need to change the way you see yourself.

We’ll work on your most basic beliefs about who you are, and what you’re worth. What’s holding you back? What habits do you need to shake? We’ll also work on new ways of being that project confidence and authority.  So you’re ready to win the role you deserve.

Thriving leadership

You spend too much time being reactive. Responding to urgent briefs. Rescuing projects running behind schedule. Putting out fires.  You spend so much time looking at what’s right in front of you, there’s no room left to look further ahead.  To pursue your vision.

You’re caught between the demands of your executive, and the expectations of your team. It’s exhausting.

The difference between surviving as a manager and thriving as a leader is often a question of purpose.  We’ll ground your work in your most basic values, and sense of self.  You’ll discover a way of being that’s resourceful and energises you and your team.

You’ll move from barely coping to being open and alive to possibilities.

Emotional intelligence

Do you struggle to get through to people? You’re strong on the technical side of your work, but managing and motivating others —that feels like speaking another language.  It’s a language that you want to learn: to become a better leader, and to build up your team.

You’re looking for a way of understanding human interactions that makes sense to you.

I’ll equip you with tools to understand and manage emotions: yours, and those of your team. Our work together is grounded in ontological coaching — a powerful framework that generates ways of relating that are both authentic and effective.


When something goes wrong, it knocks you right off-balance.

Work keeps getting to you. When something goes wrong, it knocks you right off-balance. You’re burning through emotional energy dealing with stresses: deadlines, work tensions, perhaps even bullying.  You find yourself awake, worrying about it. It’s hard to build anything when you feel under siege.

We’ll work together to shore up your inner reserves of strength, confidence and self-belief.  The knocks will still come, but you’ll bounce back more quickly. Whatever work throws at you, you face it head on. And with that newfound confidence and optimism, you can start to move forward.

Managing conflict

You find yourself in conflict with colleagues, and it’s dragging you down. Even simple requests play out against a backdrop of suspicion and antagonism. You’re stressed. On edge.

We’ll work together to map a path out of the conflict zone.  Discover a resourceful, clear-headed way of being.  From this zone, you can contain the conflict, and over time, even transform the relationship. Even if the other party does remain obstructive, you’ll be better placed to deal with the conflict.  It doesn’t own you.

Influence and negotiation

You want to be heard.  To be taken seriously.  You know your ideas are sound, but somehow others don’t see the value.  You struggle to form coalitions, and to gather people around your ideas.  And when you make a request, others don’t feel compelled to take action.

I’ll help you to tap into a deep-seated sense of confidence and authority.  One that radiates outwards, drawing others to your position. We’ll spend time on the moods and attitudes you take into critical conversations. You’ll discover framing techniques that are naturally persuasive. You’ll also develop listening skills, to understand other’s position finding alignment identifying allies.

Executive coaching

Reaching the top of your organisation is a place of considerable achievement.  It can also be lonely. There are people who depend on you, who expect things from you, who look up to you.  But there are fewer and fewer people who understand your world, and with whom you can let down your guard.

You’re seeking a relationship of honest and constructive feedback.

I’ll work with you to create a safe place to talk through your ideas, and to figure out what you think. The agenda is defined by your needs.

Your external environment won’t change overnight. But with a greater sense of personal mastery, you can take decisive action and dedicate yourself to what’s most important.

Typical areas we may focus on are:

  • Personal effectiveness
  • Accountability
  • Communication skills
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Balance

What others say

“When I initially engaged Ian, my objective was to improve my confidence as the leader of a complex technical team within a large, new, programme of work where I was starting to question my ability.

Through a respectful and trusting coaching relationship, Ian has assisted me in developing a level of resourcefulness that enables me to operate confidently and effectively in situations that would previously have caused me to falter.

Our coaching conversations have now expanded to focus on other aspects of my leadership and being. Within weeks of our initial conversation, I have developed significantly as a confident leader and am now driving outcomes that I once felt incapable of achieving.”

– D, Senior Manager, Canberra


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